Sales & Commissions

Purchasing Originals: Originals are for sale unless marked “NFS” or “SOLD”. Prices start at $150+shipping for small framed works over 2 years old. Large format pieces (over 5ft) start at $600 unframed. Email me with the title of piece(s) you’re interested in for details.

Ordering Prints: Most work is available as prints upon request. All prints are signed and numbered, and capped at 100. Prices will reflect the printer’s prices, and whether I can bulk order them. A matted 11″X14″ is usually around $35+shipping. Email me with the title(s) you are interested in, size, number, and whether you would like them unmatted, matted, or framed.

“Sketch Sales”: $60 each, unframed. Sold only in-person at my studio or art fairs. These are hand-drawn, but not true “originals”. They are preparatory sketches from sold works, or drawing exercises/demonstrations from my teaching practice. I do not keep record of them for providence.

Commissions: Commissions are priced as ( shipping + materials + $35/hr ). Before I begin, I will provide a quote cap. The final price will not exceed the quote cap, even if I underestimated the required hours. The quote cap does not apply if you request additional changes or edits after I begin. Cost of materials and consultation hours must be paid upfront.

Recent Commissions:

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