“My high-contrast, black and white pieces draw viewers into a play of light and dark, danger and ecstasy. Massive cloud formations and insignificant juice boxes make viewers feel massive, then diminutive.  Through this work, I share my most precious memories of both fear and awe. A childhood of camping led me to an adulthood of insatiable wanderlust. Nature still makes me nostalgic for the unbridled wonder we rarely feel as adults. The grand and terrific force us to consider our own vulnerability, and challenge us to find peace with it.”

Krislyn is an artist working in a range of digital and traditional media. Her black and white work finds power in wonder though themes of nature, weather, and fire. The time she spent living in Australia, Germany, and remote parts of the US inspires her work. Krislyn completed her MFA at Texas A&M University in August 2020. She received her BS in Visualization (animation) from Texas A&M in 2016. Krislyn spent a semester at the Akademie fuer Internationale Bildung in Bonn, Germany as an undergraduate. She was later invited back to the Akademie as a graduate teaching assistant.

Krislyn’s collaborative 360 VR film #IRL premiered at the 2020 Ivy Film Festival. Her traditional media pieces have exhibited across Texas and the US. She currently serves as the artist in residence for downtown Bryan, Texas.

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